Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nice Article on Travis Lane

Below is an article from the Times Dispatch on HSC QB Travis Lane

The imprint Corey Sedlar left on Hampden-Sydney football will be seen for years to come. Look no farther than the ODAC record book, where his name can be found in the top four of every passing category.

The man standing in his shadow, about to take his place, is junior Travis Lane. He has the arduous task of keeping Hampden-Sydney's relentless passing game a thing of the present and not just the past.
"Obviously, it's tough with everyone knowing Corey and...
 everyone realizing he's one of the best players that has ever come through Hampden-Sydney," Lane said.
Sedlar, a three-year starter for the Tigers, led H-SC to a 10-0 regular season and a playoff berth in 2009. His 78 career passing touchdowns are second-best in program history and fourth-best in conference history. His 62.8 completion percentage is second-best in the program and third-best in the conference.
Lane has good numbers, too -- he just hasn't had much time to build a résumé. As the backup in 2009, he played in six games and completed 17 of 25 passes (68 percent). His passer rating was 158.0.
So far, all indications suggest Lane will be able to handle the Tigers' pass-heavy offense. Tigers coach Marty Favret said Lane's passes are hitting the mark in practice and his teammates are looking to him as a leader.
"I have huge expectations for him," Favret said. "If he goes out in the opener and throws for 400 yards, I won't be surprised at all."
Though Lane is shorter than Sedlar, Lane has the stronger arm. Favret called it a "I-AA" arm, because his strength is comparable to that of a quarterback in I-AA, now referred to as FBS.
"His mechanics are as good as we've had here," Favret said.
Another reason Lane expects the quarterback transition to be seamless is because the majority of the players around him aren't new to their positions.
Junior Kirk Rohle (Hanover), Hampden-Sydney's running back, led the league with 17 all-purpose touchdowns last year. Plus, the Tigers have a litany of receivers that Favret calls the strength of the team. The group includes Sean Cavanaugh (Clover Hill), an all-ODAC first-team pick last year; and tight end Andrew Bruckner (L.C. Bird), a second-team selection.
"We're asking Travis just to sort of take the keys to the car and drive it," Favret said. "He doesn't have to build the engine. He just has to go out there and be the field general." Both Sedlar and Lane graduated from Mills Godwin. When Lane took his recruiting trip to Hampden-Sydney, Sedlar was his host. From his freshman year on, Lane became Sedlar's protégé and began to learn the offense and leadership skills from Sedlar.
"Corey taught me, really, everything I know," Lane said
The one thing left Travis has to do is prove himself in a game. His opponent today, Averett, allowed only 157 passing yards per game last year, half as many as the Tigers were accustomed to throwing (310).
"That's the one unproven thing about him," Favret said. "He just hasn't done it yet."

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